Marketing Career Area


This is a course in marketing, merchandising, and management. Retail sales skills, display operations, and customer relations in business management are applied in a practical manner in "The Minuteman Shop", a retail outlet open to the public. Students attend national conferences and regional competitions, which sharpen their leadership skills and help prepare the students for a future in the world of marketing.

The freshmen will learn about the art of selling from the pre-approach, to developing sales skills, to the various steps of approach, to the completion of the successful sale. They will examine the special skills needed for good working relationships and interactions of co-workers. Students...

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Freshman Year

  • Developing Sales Skills
  • Interactions of Co-Workers
  • Analyze our Economic Society
  • Learn about US Free Enterprise System
  • Examine Special Skills

Sophomore Year

  • Operation of Cash Registers
  • Advertise and Display Merchandise
  • Control Stock and Pricing
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Collect and Analyze Data

Junior Year

  • Cash Register Responsibility
  • Daily Deposit Activities
  • Planning a Job
  • Study of Typing
  • Perform Retailing Projects

Senior Year

  • Store Layouts
  • Economics
  • Running a Retail Establishment
  • Business Law
  • Starting a Business
  • Kelsey Spear
  • Shop Instructor
  • All Grades
  • Ext. 1176
  • Jen Roche
  • Related Instructor
  • All Grade Levels
  • Ext. 1169