Masonry & Tile Setting Career Area


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This course is designed to give a graduate of the program in entry level skill in residential and commercial masonry. The related technical information is presented in a unit lesson, pattern, each unit covering a major unit of the trowel trade, tools safety, materials, estimating and trade drawings. Shop practice jobs range in degree of difficulty, from 4', 8", 12' walls and corners of brick, block, stone, glass block, and concrete, 2 steps, arches and fireplaces. Employment opportunities are very good. Masonry work is plentiful and workers are in demand.

The Freshmen will learn how to prepare and set-up a work area, learn safe work practices, and demonstrate employable skills. The students will also learn how to handle the different tools of the trade, and how to mix and use mortar. They will also learn how to lay brick and block to line. The students will learn safe work...

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Freshman Year

  • Prepare and Set Up Work Area
  • Shop Maintenance
  • Safe Work Practices
  • History of the Trade
  • Developing Necessary Skills

Sophomore Year

  • Level and Plumb Brick Walls
  • Cut Masonry Materials
  • Build Block Corners
  • History of Cement, Brick, Block
  • Types and Properties of Mortar

Junior Year

  • Layout a Chimney
  • Build a Fireplace
  • Build Masonry Steps
  • Read Blueprints
  • History of Fireplaces and Stoves

Senior Year

  • Remodeling Work Around the Home
  • Build Stone Walls
  • Measure and Draw Templates
  • Estimating Larger Jobs
  • Coop Opportunities
  • George Scobie
  • Shop Instructor
  • All Grades
  • Ext. 1313/5313
  • Michael Green
  • Related Instructor
  • All Grade Levels
  • Ext. 1117