School Clubs Overview

Art Club

The after school art program is open to any interested student who wants to express themselves through the visual arts. Students will explore many techniques, in a supportive atmosphere, using new mediums, building portfolios, while developing their skills. The program will also incorporate guest artists, who will come in to demonstrate techniques and teach different disciplines.

Bowling Club

The bowling club meets after school. For more information see Mr. Martinson.

Attention all bowling members, the bowling banquet that was being held at point breeze on March 24th is postponed. Once activities are resumed at the school, a new date for the banquet will be sent out. Anyone who hasn’t notified a coach on how many will be going will be able to at that time.
Thank you for your understanding during this unfortunate time. If you have any questions please email Coach Martinson at

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Bay Path’s Gay-Straight Alliance is open to any student interested in combating anti-LGBT bias and raising awareness of heterosexism and diverse gender/sexual identities. The group provides support, understanding, and an avenue for promoting equality to all.

Jr. Chapter of American Culinary Federation

The Bay Path High School Chapter of the Jr. ACF or American Culinary Federation, is a culinary activity club open to any culinary arts student. The club participates in fundraisers and the proceeds are applied to membership in the ACF, culinary based excursions to different types of food venues, afterschool demonstrations and food competitions. Throughout the year there will be different opportunities offered for enhancing skills related to the food service industry that are above and beyond the culinary shop day. These could include gingerbread castle competition, assisting in Worcester’s Best Chef, and off site catering functions.

Math Team

The Math Club is for anyone in any grade who likes math. Throughout the year, the Math Club competes with other schools in solving math problems. The competition involves many different levels of math, so you don’t have to be in honors classes to join.

National Honors Society

The Minutemen Chapter of the National Honor Society at Bay Path was formed in 1982 to bring recognition to outstanding students. Selection is based on evidence of exceptional character, strong leadership qualities, outstanding service to school and community, and scholarship. Once inducted, active members must maintain their academic standing, continue to embody the values of character, leadership, and service to fellow students, as well as participate in monthly meetings and service projects within the larger Bay Path community.


BattleBots IQ is a comprehensive educational program where students learn about the science of engineering through robot building. This unique curriculum fuses mathematics, physics, and engineering into viable and relevant lessons for technical high school students. By providing an interactive, hands-on learning environment, BattleBots IQ seeks to develop the scientists and engineers of the future. As a way of further applying their skills in robotic design, team building, budgeting, and construction, the students will enter their robots into a BattleBots IQ tournament.

2018 Robotics Trip Video


The S.A.D.D. Club (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is for students who are concerned with the ever-increasing problem of drunken driving and drug abuse. Not only are they concerned for themselves and their families, but also they express a deep concern for the lives of others, especially their peers and fellow students.

Ski Club

The Ski Club is an after school activity offered to students from all four grade levels. Several ski trips are planned each year. Ski packages and rental equipment are available for all ability levels, including lessons for new skiers.

Skills USA

Skills USA is a national organization serving several hundred thousand high school and college students. Professional members are enrolled in training programs in technical, skilled, service, and health occupations. Skills USA prepares America’s high performance workers. It provides quality educational experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development.

Student Government Day

Student Government Day introduces students to the workings of State Government. Two students are elected by the student body to serve as delegate and alternate representatives of Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School for Student Government Day.


A unique, evolving club focusing on military etiquette and customs designed to facilitate students in taking active leadership roles in school as well as in their communities. The STAR color guard will participate in various ceremonies, including Bay Path graduation, throughout the year. The STAR Club will take occasional field trips to tour military facilities.

Video Club

The Bay Path Video Club is a group of students that produce original and creative films. The goal of the Bay Path Video Club is to create original films, including all aspects of film making such as screenwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, acting, directing, filming, editing, and post-production. Students work on a variety of subject matters for the school as well as their own personal creations.

Yearbook Committee

The Bay Path Yearbook Committee produces, finances, compiles, and publishes the Bay Path Yearbook. The committee is comprised of students from all grade levels. With the help of an advisor, the committee is responsible for the design, selection of theme, layout compilation, etc. in order to make each yearbook a success.