Bay Path is closed until June 19th.

Parent Information

During the school closure, Bay Path is conducting online lessons. Teachers are posting assignments on MS Teams, OneNote, Canvas or through email all of which are coordinated by scheduled synchronous Zoom video sessions. All communication is sent directly to student Bay path email accounts. Students can email their teachers with questions/concerns during this clearly historical time for us all.

Additionally, the following resources are available for parents during our extended shutdown.
Family Resource ToolBox
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Letter
The YOU, Inc. Southbridge Family Resource Center
Riverside Community Care
Youth Mobile Crisis Intervention
Emergency Mental Health Services
Psychiatric Emergency Services Family Letter from 5_2_20

Student Information

Bay Path faculty and administration are recommending that all students take the opportunity to continue their learning by completing the assignmnets found within each course area the student currently enrolled. All assignments will be posted under Resources (left side menu) on all trade and academic home pages. Students can email their teachers with questions/concerns and will receive a response within 24 hours.

Recommended Enrichment Assignments Information

For a visual demonstration of where to find the enrichment assignments, watch the video below.