Cosmetology Transfer Policies

Transfer Policies

Policy for Transfer of Student Between Programs Within the Institution

  • Hours accrued in the Evening School Cosmetology Program are not reciprocal with any other programs offered within the institution.

Transfer Guideline Policy for Incoming Cosmetology Students

  • Acceptance of transfer hours from other institutions must be from an approved and accredited educational institution and hours accrued must be certified by the MA State Board of Cosmetology.
  • The student must submit an official transcript and notice of drop from the institution where the student attended the course.
  • Course objectives and clock hours must be comparable to the Cosmetology Program offered in the Bay Path Adult Evening School
  • Transferring student must have all textbooks, kit and materials that are equal to what is required of Bay Path Cosmetology students. Transferring student will be required to purchase all necessary supplies from Bay Path if they are unable to furnish them within the first week of enrollment.
  • There may be additional information requested as required by the instructor of the Cosmetology Program offered at Bay Path
  • Acceptance of a transfer may result in a reduction of course load; however, the student will be required to pay full tuition.

Transfer Guideline Policy for Outgoing Cosmetology Students

  • Students wishing to transfer to another school, from the Bay Path Cosmetology Program must be paid in full prior to release of accrued cosmetology hours.