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This site is the main book location unless specified otherwise:


Algebra I

Username: baypath

Password: baypath


Username: gwebz

Password: baypath

Science (Freshmen and Sophomores)


Username: bpath2

Password: 12345

Modern Biology

Username: CViel2018

Password: #Baypath2018

Science (Juniors and Seniors)




Access the Online Text Book
UserName: dorra2 Password: envsci

Conceptual Physics

Download the Online Text


Access the Online Text

Student log in id = baypath1
Student password = Anatomy1

Must register at:

Select "Register Here" to begin, then enter Newton as the access code and follow the prompts.

Current Physics Book Download

Must login at:

Username: chemstudent57

Password: baypath57

Once logged in continue to the page where "World of Chemistry" can be found - select the link for the book. This is the direct download for the current Chemistry book.

Social Studies

American Anthem History

Username: bpath3

Password: d9f3k

Web Quests

Web quests are usually at History Learning Site unless specified otherwise.

The Pearson History

Username: baypathhistory

Password: onlineaccess16

Honors Physics


Username: bpath4

Password: x9n8v


English Grade 9

Username: EngLit9

Password: EngLit9!

English Grade 10

Username: Englishlit10

Password: EnglishLit10!

Graphic Communications

URL: Login Page

Digital Design and Print Essentials

Username: swvtsd01

Password: gc19