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Class Fundraiser

We launched a fundraiser for your student's graduating class. We are using a new fundraising app that has simplified the way groups raise money, and with your help, it can be a tremendous success.

You might be wondering: How does this work?

First, we’re asking you to help your participant gather up to 50 supporter contacts (i.e. Grandparents, family, friends, etc.) to invite via text or e-mail. Your participant will enter those contacts and/or emails into the app through their (highly secure, and very simple) Participant login (Please see below for the Class of 2027 Student Login Poster). Those potential supporters will be sent an invitation to contribute to the fundraiser by making a donation. They can also invite you as a Parent/Guardian on their campaign, so you can text/email & share on their behalf! The link for the fundraiser can also be shared via social media and there's a QR code available, so make sure to tag friends and family that way too!

Amazon gift cards are awarded for reaching pre-determined sales goals. The more we sell now, the more we can minimize individual students costs in the future!

Please reach out with any additional questions to the Freshmen class advisors, Ms. Stone ( or Ms. O'Connor (

Thank you in advance for your participation and GOOD LUCK! The Fundraiser ends on May 23, 2024 So there is still lots of time to make sales to help the class!

Ms. Stone & Ms. O'Connor