Southern Worcester County Regional Vocational School District

Photograph of Bay Path Regional Vocational Techincal High School Superintendent Kyle Brenner

Kyle Brenner


As the proud Superintendent-Director of Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School, I welcome you to the Southern Worcester County Regional Vocational School District Website. I wish to thank our Programming & Web Development faculty and students for designing, developing and maintaining this site! Their dedication and hard work have produced a first-rate product that we are proud to have showcase our school.

A little about me; I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), a Master of Science Degree from Stevens Institute of Technology, and a Master of Education in Occupational Education from Fitchburg State University. I found my passion for project-based hands on learning at WPI. After over 15 years in private industry, I yearned to give back and for a vocation that would impact the greater community. After much deliberation with my wife and daughter, I decided to make the leap to education. The decision was due, in large part, to the experiences and influences that my mentors and former teachers had made in my own personal life. In 2005, I found my passion in Career Vocational Technical Education. In 2020, I brought that passion: “to provide students with the best so they can be their best, for their futures and for ours”, to Bay Path.

At Bay Path, it is my responsibility to ensure that our team of committed and professional staff provide all students with a safe and secure environment so that they can access a rigorous and relevant academic/vocational technical curriculum, experience opportunities to establish relationships with not only their peers from our ten communities but also with industry, business, community, and institutes of higher education, and to develop a responsibility to self and others. I work with a dedicated School Committee to provide the material, equipment, and resources for all this to happen in a safe and healthy state-of-the-art facility.

A quick tour of our Website will attest that our investments in staff, facilities, and technology are paying big dividends. These results are manifested in the services our students provide to our communities as well as in their post-secondary success. Many of our students directly enter the workforce in local companies and are supporting our communities, while others choose to pursue higher education in their chosen fields at advanced technical institutes or two- or four-year colleges/universities. Additionally, some students choose to proudly serve in one of America’s elite military branches. No matter what path our students choose to follow when they leave Bay Path, they often do so ahead of their peers. They leave with industry recognized credentials, dual enrollment/articulation credits, or scholarships for their performance in the classrooms, shops, and or on the athletic fields.

Bay Path’s efforts are not just limited to secondary education, we provide post-secondary opportunities as well. Our nationally recognized Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy educates adults to become licensed practical nurses. Additionally, through our Bay Path at Night Evening School, we provide a robust offering of workforce development and enrichment courses for adults looking to enhance their skills. Some of our newest offerings provide workforce development/licensure programs for the un/underemployed adults to make contributions to the local labor market and improve their individual financial standing.

I am thrilled that you have taken the time to visit our Website and learn about our wonderful Bay Path Community. I encourage you to explore all we have to offer and please reach out should you have any questions.


Kyle J. Brenner
Superintendent - Director