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Career Areas

Now offering over twenty career choices to our students, Bay Path has an area of study for each and every student. Whether you are looking to prepare to enter the workforce or better prepare for a post-secondary education, Bay Path can help prepare you for a successful career!

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Career Areas




Expectations for Student Learning

Academic & Career

Students will develop critical thinking skills to effectively identify, analyze, and solve problems, acquire the knowledge necessary to meet state-mandated graduation requirements and vocational occupational proficiencies, establish communication skills in multiple modes to become contributing members of career and technical fields, and demonstrate good work habits such as organization, orderliness, cleanliness, and respect for property and the environment.


Students will demonstrate collaboration and communication between Bay Path and sending school communities, establish relationships with local industries, and understand local, state, and national government in order to become productive citizens and contributing members of society.


Students will demonstrate appropriate skills, work behaviors, and attitudes necessary for success in college and career, and develop self-awareness, respect for authority, and an understanding of each individual’s responsibility to themselves, their communities, their nation, and the world.