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Course of Study

Bay Path proudly offers a course of study that maximizes student ability to succeed in their chosen career or college pathway. Differentiated class offerings are carefully selected to enhance vocational learning and career readiness. Our academic curriculum is aligned to the Massachusetts Frameworks and learning experiences transfer to success on the MCAS, SAT, and AP exams. A full range of academic support is provided during and after school hours to ensure student success.

See the Program of Studies for the complete list of courses offered.

Our Mission Statement

It is the Mission of Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School to facilitate current, integrated, and rigorous academic and technical vocational programs that prepare students for the ever-changing world of employment and post-secondary education; to provide a school culture that meets the diverse needs of our student body for safety and mental wellness; and to foster student confidence, professionalism, and life-long learning skills that will enable them to become contributing members of our communities.

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Meet the Academic Leadership Team

Curriculum Coordinator - Samantha McGuane, Ed.D.,

The Curriculum Coordinator oversees all aspects of academic programming including curriculum mapping, instruction, and assessment practices to ensure equity and access to grade level standards for all students. The coordinator analyzes accountability data, disseminates it to stakeholders, and uses it to inform the district’s strategic and professional development plans. This individual engages staff members in the continuous growth cycle by collaborating on individual professional development plans for license renewal and in cohesion with the district’s vision for success.

Testing Specialist - Jen Reil,

The MCAS/Testing Specialist works full time in the high school overseeing, scheduling, and administering assessments to students. The specialist coordinates assessments to include MCAS, ACCESS for EL’s, SAT/PSAT, AP, MAP, grade 9 placement and ensures compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, accommodations, and requirements. This individual facilitates access to data and provides reports summarizing student progress, needs, and strengths to inform stakeholders in support of strategic decisions by school and system leaders.

Focused Instructional Coach - Julie O’Connor,

Bay Path takes a student-centered approach to increasing achievement. The focused instructional coach collaborates with teachers to develop effective strategies and practices that promote student growth through engaging student-centered learning activities.

Academic & Career

Students will develop critical thinking skills to effectively identify, analyze, and solve problems, acquire the knowledge necessary to meet state-mandated graduation requirements and vocational occupational proficiencies, establish communication skills in multiple modes to become contributing members of career and technical fields, and demonstrate good work habits such as organization, orderliness, cleanliness, and respect for property and the environment.


Students will demonstrate collaboration and communication between Bay Path and sending school communities, establish relationships with local industries, and understand local, state, and national government in order to become productive citizens and contributing members of society.


Students will demonstrate appropriate skills, work behaviors, and attitudes necessary for success in college and career, and develop self-awareness, respect for authority, and an understanding of each individual’s responsibility to themselves, their communities, their nation, and the world.