504 Accommodation Plan

The Student Services Department works with families, faculty, students, and community partners to identify students who meet the federal and state criteria for a disability requiring specialized instruction and/or accommodations through an Individualized Educational Program or 504 Accommodation Plan. It is Bay Path’s mission to provide services in the least restrictive environment that will empower our students to become active members of society based on their individual strengths and abilities. As a district, we are committed to providing an inclusive setting of dedicated multi-disciplinary teams while involving parents and community members to help meet the academic, emotional and social needs of all our students in a respectful and positive environment.

The department works to afford all students the opportunity to succeed through high quality evidence-based practices by connecting and communicating with families, students, school teams, and the greater community. Together, we will focus on the positive attributes and recognize the individual strengths and achievements of our students while promoting their future successes.

For more information contact Tracey Coleman, Assistant Pupil Services Director at tcoleman@baypath.net