BRYT Program

BRYT (Bridge for Resilient Youth in Transition) is a short-term therapeutic program new to Bay Path this year. BRYT is designed for students who have experienced an extended absence for a variety of reasons, primarily mental health and medically related. The BRYT program works to gradually reintegrate students back into the classroom and shop setting as the return to school is often overwhelming for students following a chronic absence. BRYT is set up to help students return as smoothly, safely, and successfully as possible, dedicating time in the BRYT space for academic support to assist with make-up work organization, as well as emotional support, working directly with the student one on one to develop and practice coping skills that work for them to increase their comfortability in the classroom. BRYT also collaborates with students' school and outside supports that are in place, working in a team approach to ensure student success. Students are found eligible for BRYT support through a referral process which comes from the student's guidance or adjustment counselor and is discussed by the BRYT clinician and Pupil Services Director. There are 3 categories considered when determining BRYT eligibility:

Category I: Top priority students- students who are returning to school after participation in intensive mental health treatment, such as psychiatric hospitalization, CBAT, partial hospitalization, or therapeutic/residential stays OR who meet level of care for hospitalization but are awaiting treatment

Category II: Students who have not been hospitalized, but have been unable to attend school and/or function in school for five or more days in the last two weeks due to a serious mental health challenge

Category III: Students returning to school who have been absent for five or more days in the last two weeks due to a serious concussion or other medical injury/treatment AND require integrated clinical and academic support.


For more information, please contact the BRYT Adjustment Counselor, Ms. Cari Barker,  or by phone at 508-248-5971 ext. 1217