Dean of Students

The main objective of the Dean's Office is to uphold the code of conduct expected of all our students. We attempt to cultivate honor, integrity, and good citizenship within all our students as they begin to shape their own futures. We foster their own individuality and encourage them to focus on their own success, while promoting a community full of opportunities to learn. They come to this school to participate in a vocational/technical program, and our plan is to make them work-ready members of society or prepare them for post-secondary education advancement as they graduate. 

Our creed goes as follows:

  • I will at all times treat my fellow students with the same respect I expect them to treat me, having full respect for their property and rights.
  • I will intelligently follow the leadership of all properly elected student officers and abide by such decisions as they have been empowered to make by the will of the majority.
  • I will respect the authority of my teachers. I will make special effort to be helpful and cooperative at all times when a substitute teacher is in charge, for I realize a substitute is in fact my guest.
  • I will make every effort to protect my school’s property and maintain its appearance, for I appreciate the fact that my school is frequently judged by its appearance and the appearance of the surrounding grounds.
  • I will neither give help nor receive help from a fellow student during a test or examination. I will make sure that all work submitted as a part of a test or examination is honest in every respect.
  • I will do my best to do my own assignment at all times, for I realize that assignments are a means for me to learn. Any help I seek in accomplishing my schoolwork assignments will be for the purpose of increasing my understanding and will not include copying from another student’s work or having anyone else do my work for me.
  • I will do my best at all times outside of school to act in such a manner that it can only bring honor to my home and school.